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Think Small (Scale)

Heian Samurai 28mm
Achaean WAB Army 28mm
Easy Company, 2/506th PIR, 101st Abn Div 28mm
US 4th Armored Division 28mm
Fallschirmjagerzug (FJ platoon), 5th FJD - 28mm
Wehrmacht Heer (Army) 28mm
Napoleonic Dioramas 1/72nd (20mm)
Various 28mm
Aloha & Welcome!
This site contains images of military miniatures in 28mm and 1/72 (20mm). 
Please open the pages on the left to take a look - click on the pictures for a larger view.  Some of the 28mm figures are based for Warhammer Ancient Battles and others for 1:1 skirmish battles.  The 1/72nd (20mm) figures are DBA based.
Your comments are appreciated - guestbook at right.
Painting & collecting military miniatures has been a passion of mine for several decades - off and on. 
I have another site devoted to larger scaled figures (120mm & up). Please feel free to visit the link below for those figures. 
Me & my sons on a replica Turtle boat at Namhae, Korea..

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